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Revele los datos utilizables

Are you drowning in the vast amounts of log data generated by disparate, distributed systems on your network? Not being able to sort through the noise and quickly zero in on threats can all too often result in a damaging data breach.

To gain full visibility into your log data and the threats that hide in them, you need a robust log aggregation solution. Logs then need to be processed and enriched. This makes rapid log search and downstream log analysis much more effective.

LogRhythm helps you identify useful insights through effective log analysis and big data analytics. With LogRhythm, your team can sort through the influx of data and alarms to detect and mitigate threats fast — before damage occurs.

Making Sense of Your Log Data

The LogRhythm Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solution unifies data lake technology, machine learning, and security analytics in a single end-to-end solution. LogRhythm’s real-time cloud security monitoring takes your data a step further and enables the advanced security analytics required to properly protect your network.

Find out how the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform is uniquely designed to manage your big data needs and facilitate log analysis to help you secure your network.

Forrester Wave™: Security Analytics Platforms, Q3 2018

See why the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform is a Leader in Security Analytics.

Make the Most of Log Management and Machine Data

Recopile todo y no pierda nada

Are you getting the most out of your log and machine data? Log management is about more than collecting and storing logs. The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform helps you understand what your data means. We specialize in normalizing log and machine data and identifying actionable insights so you can protect your network and automate compliance, threat detection, and response.

Recopile y analice todo

Collect from every device, application and sensor in your environment. Our Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Fabric classifies and contextually structures every log message. The result? Deep intelligence into over 800 unique data source types.

Busque con gran precisión y velocidad

Tap the power of both structured and unstructured search. Unstructured search is built on our Elasticsearch backend and provides a Google-like experience while our MDI fabric enables contextual search when greater precision is required. Our search builder allows you to easily realize the best of both worlds easily.

Tome decisiones rápidamente

Use our advanced visualizations, on-the-fly filtering, and data pivoting to simplify investigations for faster threat detection. We give you immediate access to all log and machine data for forensic search and big data analytics.

Accurately Understand Time of Occurrence

Don’t miss critical attack sequences. Our patented TrueTime™ process records the actual time of occurrence, automatically correcting time zone, device clock offsets, and collection offsets.

Garantice el cumplimiento continuo

Access hundreds of dashboards, investigations, and reports specifically mapped to individual requirements with our compliance automation modules. They help you automate compliance enforcement instead of relying on time-intensive and reactive manual processes.

Gain Actionable Insights

Filter out the noise and gain actionable insights with centralized log management. Organizations with highly distributed environments can deploy LogRhythm in their data center for centralized log aggregation and the management of logs and events — even across disparate systems.

Normalize Log Data with Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Fabric

Your organization generates and receives an extraordinary amount of disparate data. Without the ability to process and enrich that data, rapid and accurate threat detection will always be out of reach.

Watch our video to see how LogRhythm’s patented MDI Fabric makes your data more powerful by preparing a highly consistent and predictable dataset for accurate analytics. The result? Clean, normalized data enriched with uniquely powerful contextualization and classification.

Velocidad y escalabilidad: Reseña de LogRhythm 7 de SANS

When your team must defend against rapid-fire threats, the speed to detect and respond is critical. Your analysts need actionable information in as near real time as possible — without getting bogged down with unnecessary noise.

In this review, SANS put the LogRhythm 7.2 NextGen SIEM Platform to the test, measuring its performance when placed under the daunting load of 130,000 log sources and 26 billion logs per day.

Massive Scalability Without Complexity

Your big data solution should grow to fit your needs quickly and easily. We’ve built our log management solution to support various cloud and on-premise infrastructures, expand quickly, and continue to perform at any scale — all while minimizing the impact to your ongoing operations.

Procesamiento de alto rendimiento

Collect and use all of your data at any scale. Our patented data processing tier lets you collect, process, classify, and tag hundreds of thousands of messages per second without taking a performance hit.

Indexado y búsqueda más rápidos

Maximice la indexación y el rendimiento de las búsquedas con Elasticsearch. La agrupación en clústeres distribuye automáticamente tanto la indexación como la búsqueda a través de nodos múltiples en el clúster, lo que ofrece un mejor rendimiento a más usuarios en cualquier escala.

Interfaz de búsqueda flexible

Search your log data faster through unified contextual and unstructured search tools. Our simplified search interface accelerates your learning curve and gives you the search you need when you need it.

Gestión de datos eficiente

Index and archive the data you want. We deliver a simplified process for deciding what data stays online and what goes to archive, giving you greater log analysis and management flexibility to meet your specific retention requirements.

Archivado inteligente

Archive terabytes o petabytes de datos para satisfacer sus requerimientos de retención de datos y cumplimiento al costo más bajo. Aseguramos y comprimimos todos los datos originales con una cadena de custodia digital para garantizar su integridad. Un proceso de recuperación simple, basado en asistente le permite recuperarlos rápidamente.

Alta disponibilidad en tiempo real

Nuestra arquitectura de indexado y procesamiento de datos activo garantiza que su información de bitácora esté disponible en todo momento, con efectividad de costos óptima. Garantice el tiempo de carga en la implementación y la redundancia de datos.

Expansión simple

Aumente su implementación para adecuarla a sus necesidades. Nuestra arquitectura modular le permite agregar una capacidad de indexado y procesamiento adicional cada vez que lo necesita, con la simple adición de un nuevo nodo.

Factor de forma más chico

Reduzca el espacio de racks y los gastos operativos del centro de datos. Elasticsearch ofrece un indexado más eficiente por cada nodo, lo que disminuye sus requerimientos de hardware. Esto lo ayuda a reducir la huella de implementación y a disminuir el costo total de propiedad.

El poder de Elasticsearch

Find out how it works. Watch the video.

LogRhythm Elasticsearch helps you rapidly find the information you need to make an informed decision by enabling powerful full-text unstructured search capabilities. This highly intuitive search experience provides you with the power and precision to get to the data you need — fast.

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