Análisis de seguridad

Exponga y priorice las amenazas reales con información que le permita actuar

¿Preocupado por que haya amenazas que se estén filtrando a través de las grietas? Si su equipo está enfrentando agotamiento por las alarmas (al tener que filtrar manualmente los falsos positivos), es probable que se estén perdiendo las verdaderas amenazas.No pueden trabajar lo suficientemente rápido para seguir el ritmo de la información a analizar.

El enfoque integral de LogRhythm hacia el análisis de seguridad ayuda a mejorar la precisión y la eficiencia de detección de su equipo para que puedan tomar decisiones más inteligentes más rápido.Conozca más sobre cómo el análisis de seguridad en tiempo real puede ayudarlo a detectar las amenazas surgidas de los usuarios.

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Use Cases for Security Analytics

Hay muchas formas en las que su equipo puede aplicar análisis de seguridad efectivos para mejorar su tiempo de detección y respuesta a ciberataques.

Detect User-Based Threats

Con los análisis de comportamiento de entidad y usuario (UEBA, por sus siglas en inglés), su plataforma de seguridad realiza perfiles y los compara con la herramienta de detección de anomalías usando una amplia variedad de enfoques de análisis con información diversa de entornos.

Identify Network Threats

Network traffic and behavior analytics expose attacks that are targeting your networked systems and devices. They also can identify covert channels of communication in your environment.

Expose Endpoint Threats

Endpoint threat detection can surface cyberthreats that are targeting your endpoints and servers—including custom malware and zero-day attacks.

Ensure Your Compliance Initiatives

Security analytics help you detect compliance violations in real time to minimize any potential issues. Your team can automate and enforce compliance requirements for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, NERC-CIP, GDPR, and more.

91 % de las empresas no puede identificar una amenaza originada por un miembro propio

Conozca más sobre cómo el análisis de seguridad en tiempo real puede ayudarlo a detectar las amenazas surgidas de los usuarios.

Big Data Analytics for Advanced Security

Security analytics holds a lot of opportunity to improve your organization’s security posture. But for some, the cost and complexity of this opportunity can pose an obstacle.

At LogRhythm, we’re focused on simplifying the complex into one efficient, scalable platform so your team doesn’t bear the additional budget or complications of managing multiple tools to effectively monitor your big data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can significantly reduce the mundane work that your highly skilled, highly paid team is performing. It also makes faster, more efficient, effective, and accurate incident response a reality.

Scenario-Based Analytics

Your team can use scenario-based analytics to detect and prioritize established threat patterns with techniques such as advanced correlation, statistical analysis, rate analysis, and dynamic whitelisting and blacklisting.

Elasticsearch-Powered Analytics

With Elasticsearch, your team can search with precision using a combination of contextual and full-text criteria to make rapid decisions with fast, precise access to forensic data.

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Achieve Advanced Security Analytics and Threat Detection in a Single Platform

Intrusions can come from inside or outside your network. The LogRhythm Threat Lifecycle Management platform delivers holistic visibility into threats across users, networks, and endpoints with risk-based prioritization powered by intelligent security analytics.

See Threats Across the Entire Attack Surface

LogRhythm Labs provides threat detection modules that enable your team to see threats across your entire environment.

Discover Both Known Threats and Never-Seen-Before Threats

The LogRhythm platform uses a variety of techniques to discover both known or unknown threats. By applying machine learning, the platform surfaces anomalies outside of known threat activity patterns.

Easily Develop Custom Analytics

With LogRhythm, you don’t need a team of programmers to develop your own security analytics. Our GUI-based rule builders let your team quickly customize pre-packaged analytics modules or create their own.

Achieve Richer Visibility with Deep Packet Analytics

LogRhythm NetMon’s Deep Packet Analytics provide a richer source of visibility into network traffic, including immediate recognition of personally identifiable information, credit card information, and data indicative of inappropriate movement.

Access Threat Intelligence Feeds

Your team can easily integrate threat intelligence feeds from leading commercial and open-source providers with out-of-the-box integrations, such as STIX/TAXII-compliant providers, to more precisely prioritize alarms.

Find and Stop Attacks Sooner to Prevent Data Breaches and Minimize Damage

Learn how to understand attacks and threats, improve detection and streamline response processes.